“Being the national official makeup of Yves Saint Laurent is something that not everyone can have the privilege to say. Eduardo Jimenez with his talent and fully dedication to the  makeup world can tell it. Eduardo has a great career as a makeup artist .  Through his professional carreer he has worked in places like […]

Mujer Hoy – Eduardo Jiménez

Eduardo is a beauty expert, he transforms everything he touchs into beauty. Mary Nebrera has seen it with his own eyes. He Has worked since more than eight years in the world of the image, fully dedicated to makeup and hairdressing. He has worked with top fashion photographers and the most renowned stylists.


How to achieve a natural makeup in just 10 minutes? Eduardo Jimenez, National Make Up Artist for Yves Saint Laurent, reveals in the video below.

1 over 50…. (or how I felt like a being a celebrity)

“ 1 plus 50 or, even better, one addition to the 50, which is always a plus. And why am I thinking about 50 and 1? Because they are the ones that from now on I will have to deal with. I do not know yet exactly how, but I started by trasladating my Monday’s […]

Make up trick

Tutorials: Ritual of Light and YSL Makeup Babydoll

These months ago I have been working with Yves Saint Laurent #ActitudYsl supporting the movement. In addition to being an ambassador for the company, I was honored to participate in these tutorial videos. In the first you will see how Vanessa Fernandez YSL Beauty Training Director Spain, reveals the foolproof tricks to unlock the full […]

Interview to Eduardo in Miss And Chic

I know you’re going to enjoy it even more than me. And you’re going to learn a lot. His name is Eduardo Jimenez and is the official National Make Up Artist of Yves Saint Laurent in Spain. I met him the other day and I was fascinated. It’s like a magician. With a brush and […]

Being a makeup artist